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Here’s the thing: we understand you’re busy. But we also understand you want to grow your practice.

You know that you could do something to increase the amount of new patients you’re getting, you know that you could do something to increase the amount of old patients who come back, and you know that you could do something to establish yourself as the “go-to” dentist in your local area.

But the main problem is that you DON’T KNOW exactly what you should do!

The truth is that many dentists are far too busy with the day to day affairs of running a practice to focus on marketing. That’s why we offer dentists just like you a simple, low-cost, highly-effective solution: monthly newsletters.


The monthly newsletter is one of the most under-used marketing materials in all of dentistry today. However, this small investment can grow your practice by leaps and bounds! Here are just a few of the reasons:

Reason Monthly Newsletters Are Great For Dentists #1:

They Make Professional And Engaging
Waiting Room Reading Materials

Your waiting room is an important part of your patients’ overall experience with your practice.Old and outdated magazines give the impression that the practice doesn’t care about professionalism.On the other hand, a professionally formatted newsletter makes a good impression and educates your patients while they wait with high quality content.


Reason Monthly Newsletters Are Great For Dentists #2:

They Are THE Ultimate Follow Up Marketing Tool

Most Dentists collect the names and mailing addresses of their patients, but they often file them away and do nothing with them.These name and addresses are pure gold to your practice and you should treat them as such. Sending out fresh newsletters each month to your clients keeps you in their minds…

And any time a Dental related issue occurs in their life who do you think they’re going to call?

The Dentist who sends them great free and helpful information each month?

Or the other one who they never hear from?


Reason Monthly Newsletters Are Great For Dentists #3:

They Build Your Credibility And Help
Establish YOU As The Go To Practice In Your Town

Nothing speaks authority into the minds of your patients than printed articles.

It’s a carry-over from newspapers and books…

Because most people automatically accept that anything printed on paper comes from a higher, more knowledgeable authority.

You can leverage this to your advantage…

And secure your reputation in your local marketplace as THE go to practice!


Reason Monthly Newsletters Are Great For Dentists #4:

They Can Be Leveraged For Even More Benefits

The content inside of your newsletters can be used for many other purposes too.You can publish your newsletter online and get new business from the internet.You can submit the content to local newspapers and magazines and possibly get syndicated.

You can post the newsletter articles to your Facebook and get new clients from the social networking website.

It’s pretty obvious that the case for using monthly newsletters in your practice is pretty compelling, but there’s a huge problem: you’re pouring hours and hours into your practice each week, and you just don’t have the time or energy to write monthly newsletters!

That’s why we’ve created a simpler solution.

“The Ultimate Dentist Authority Newsletter”


We offer a complete “Done For You” newsletter creation service! Each and every month, our team of researchers and writers will produce a high-quality monthly newsletter for your dental practice, delivered straight to your email inbox!

These monthly newsletters come with the following exciting features:


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  • Complete Private Label Rights! – This means that you can put your own name, logo, and practice information inside of these newsletters and claim them as your own!
  • Ultra High Quality Content! – Your monthly newsletter will contain highly informative dentistry related articles that will actually help your patients and establish you as an authority in their eyes
  • The Best Material For Your Waiting Room! – You can leave a copy of your newsletter in your waiting room to engage waiting patients and encourage newsletter subscribers. Trust me, this is MUCH better than old magazines.
  • Drive In New Revenue! – And your monthly newsletter will also promote and encourage patients to set up an appointment at YOUR practice, bringing in new revenue for you!
  • Content Can Be Repurposed! – You can even take the content from your monthly newsletter and leverage it for use elsewhere. You can post the content on your website, which will help bring in new business from the internet. You can submit the content to your local newspaper and possibly get syndicated.
  • Beautiful Royalty Free Images Included! – Your newsletter will also included stock photo imagery that both adds to your content and makes your newsletter incredibly awesome to look at.
  • And much more! – You’re only limited by your imagination! As you can see, this service is a powerful asset that your dental practice simply won’t be able to do without.

Traditional marketing methods are mainly focused on increasing awareness about your product or service. While this is all well and good, as a dentist you and your practice will benefit from using these newsletters simply because they increase awareness AND they directly drive new revenue into YOUR practice!

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