How Dentist Newsletters Can Bring You More Clients

How Dentist Newsletters Can Bring You More Clients

How Dentist Newsletters Can Bring You More Clients

Competition for clients is very tough because of the new equipment, priceless knowledge and marketing strategy each dentists has. For you to be competitive, one way is to create your own dental practice newsletter and see how your clients increase in number!

Dental Practice Newsletters

Here are some things to consider when making your dentist newsletter:

  • Engage your dental staff as your marketing resource. As soon as your patient steps inside your dental clinic, your dental staff will be the first one to greet them and make them comfortable while they await their turn. Patients that are waiting will read your dentist newsletter instead of old magazines and newspapers. How your patients are being treated will reflect on what kind of a dentist you are – friendly, accommodating and professional. You can include in your dental newsletter what kind of customer service they could expect from your dental staff.
  • Venture into social media. Having your own website would be perfect because you could give a lot of information to more people in terms of your dental practice. You can share with your prospective as well as current clients your personal information, including hobbies or happenings at your clinic. Your website and your dental newsletter will make a powerful combination to deliver helpful and informative tips and facts.
  • Show your gratitude to loyal customers. Show how thankful you are for those loyal customers who kept on referring you to friends and loved ones, and even to people whom they do not know personally. Clients who received kindness and respect will keep coming back for more of your service. And as a way of saying “Thank You”, you can advertise in your dental newsletter that you are going to give special discounts on selected services, especially for those loyal clients and prospective ones. Giving free dental items such as toothpaste and toothbrush is optional depending on how many patients you can accommodate. Oh, don’t forget to thank your dental staff too!
  • Get feedback from your customers. The best way to learn from your patients is getting feedback from them. It is great if you could always get good feedback which is not always the case. The good thing about it is you know what to improve and start working on it. Surveys included with your dental newsletters is an excellent way to know how your clients feel about your dental practice as a whole, and any suggestions they may have will be welcomed.

Dentist newsletters have so much in store for you and your patients! This is another way of how you will get in touch with your patients who signed up, giving them more information, making personal contact with them and demonstrating your dental practice and expertise.

Dentist newsletters are also often read by bloggers who get information regarding dental practice and more. Dentist newsletters play a big part as an effective tool to keep in touch with patients.  They also promote patient loyalty, which in turn brings more referrals!

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